The Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Daily Thoughts

As someone who is a morning person, I have seen many benefits in waking up early. Having a good sleep, can increase our productivity, maintain a steady metabolism and encourage good health. It creates a steady pattern in our lives and is an important and significant step to becoming a successful person.

1) Exercise – Our bodies are the most alert, when we have woken up in the morning. Exercising in the morning can give you the energy you need for the rest of the day. It can lift your mood and it’s good for your health.

2) Productivity – Your mind is much more productive in the morning. Planning in the morning sets the rest of the day. Everything that needs to be done is written down, and therefore you will feel much more organised.

3) Health – Sleeping and waking up at odd times can cause health issues in the long run. Whether that is difficulties in falling asleep, weight gain, headaches and added stress. Eating breakfast in the morning is extremely important for our performance, which is why you may hear people say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

4) Stress-free – The mornings are a peaceful time of the day. The day is starting, and often it can still feel as if the whole world is still sleeping. Waking early, can teach you that stress is an unproductive factor, which will hinder your full potential, by draining your energies.

5) Time – Time is of the essence. Waking early, not only creates a much more stress-free self , but it also gives you much more time in the world to take it easy. You are able to complete certain tasks that you would be rushing to do so, if you woke up later. You are also able to spend time with loved ones, take the dog for a walk and all the small things that add up in the long run.

6) Success – Many people value waking up early as a step to success. Your mind is in a different state when you wake up early, and your productivity levels are much higher. There is a certain motivation that moves our body to wake up out of bed. They say waking up early puts yourself one step ahead of others. It also allows you time to do things on the side, that you may also have passion for. We hear the term ‘busy’ a lot in this generation. However, one advice that always stuck with me was a teacher who said that no matter how busy you are, you can always make time for it.

Photo Courtesy of Stay HK

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