The Healing Power Of Writing

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Have you ever felt as if you can’t quite articulate something vocally, the way you may think of it in your mind? Writing everything translates much more fluidly from your mind to your fingertips. Till this day I am not the best at expressing myself fully, the way I may want other’s to understand. However, when I write it down it all makes perfect sense.

What ever brings a smile to your face or saddens your heart, writing has a way of healing by bringing clarity and reflection. When I read my past writing, I realise how much I have come and how much I have learned. My perspectives may have changed or stayed the same. When I finished writing those words in my diary or in an article, they made me feel released in a way, just to get it on paper. You can read over it and feel more clear about how you were feeling and thinking about certain situations. Reading and Writing are the great escapes into adventure and imagination.

What a wonderful way to express emotion. In a world that often tells us to hide how we are feeling, writing is a way to set free how we feel deep within. I remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank. It was remarkable to read her diary entries and it made me feel inspired by her bravery. We all have words inside of us that we may want others to hear, but a part of ourselves want to keep it to ourselves. Which is why many people may keep a journal. In time, the hurt we feel will heal. The words we once wrote may have been written with a heavy heart, but over time they heal and we can look back and see how far we’ve come.

There are words that need to be written and not said out loud. We all whisper a beautiful story inside of us.

Penning a Letter by George Goodwin Kilburne, 1839-1924.

3 thoughts on “The Healing Power Of Writing

  1. Can’t agree more.
    Plus it makes you analyse your thought process.
    And if it’s going too grey or too aggressive,
    You can make amends in your lifestyle and activities to reroute it to right track.

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