You Don’t Need To Wear Makeup To Feel Beautiful



There are many articles online that have titles a long the lines of “How to look good without makeup” and that makes me feel all kinds of discomfort of what messages are being communicated to women and young girls growing up. This might seem hypocritical as I love makeup, skincare and fashion. However, the message of what I really want to express is that beautiful is ultimately a feeling. Aren’t we beautiful as we are? When did society become so superficial and judgmental of every detail of a person, even if their face has makeup on or not?  We become obsessed with the surface level of what is beautiful that we lose the true meaning of beauty.

We need to let people know that they are beautiful as they are. If you have a daughter in the future, you wouldn’t want to tell her that you only feel beautiful when you put on your makeup. We want them to embrace themselves wholeheartedly without feeding off what images are saying. It’s okay to put on makeup and allow it to enhance your natural beauty or allow it to emphasise your character just as ones personal style may. It’s not okay to make it a rule or seem like a fact that women can only feel beautiful if they wear makeup. I mean isn’t it sad to see things that tell us this celebrity looks surprisingly good without makeup or this person is brave for wearing no makeup. It’s absolutely wrong. We are all born naked into this world after all.

Feeling beautiful could be by: doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return, giving someone a genuine smile, lifting someone up when they feel down, laughing about anything and nothing, embracing the skin we are born in, using your mind to create something wonderful, not judging others but trying to understand, listening to your favourite song, doing something creative (dancing, drawing, singing, playing music..), the beautiful quiet and unseen acts of people, generosity and positivity, unconditional self love or taking in the colourful nature around us. What ultimately makes me feel beautiful is the ability to be completely myself with someone. The feeling of comfort and confidence to be loose and silly. It’s the moments of smiling, talking and laughing with the ones I love.

Sure, we will have days where makeup does make us feel a bit more pretty, because we aren’t feeling beautiful. However, beauty should not be defined by makeup. On your physical elements, focus on what you love, whether it’s your smile, the colour of your eyes or your hair. Let’s remember to put emphasis on the wonderfully beautiful things that don’t only look on the surface too but look more deeply within. You are most beautiful when you spread the light inside of you. There’s that special spark within every person that makes them uniquely them. You know when you just meet someone, and they become more and more beautiful, or perhaps less so. The personality starts to outshine the first impression.

What makes you feel beautiful?

11 thoughts on “You Don’t Need To Wear Makeup To Feel Beautiful

    1. I am the same. I prefer a natural look or no makeup as oppose to a full face of makeup. It is a personal preference, but I too feel that we should surround ourselves with people who accept us as is.

  1. This is a wonderful post!!✨ I feel most beautiful when people confide in me and I am able to help them, or when I finish a project I’ve been working really hard on, that makes me feel powerful xxx

  2. Lovely article
    Reminds me of the uproar at the VMA’s when Alicia Keys went with a naked face and most of society unfortunately were too blind to see how amazing that was
    I am a firm believer that if you don’t think you look beautiful without makeup, you should totally stop using it and find a solution to the main issue
    A good face beat looks great, but nothing beats being comfortable without one.

    1. Thank you! I completely agree with what you said, especially with ” if you don’t think you look beautiful without makeup, you should totally stop using it.” We should embrace the skin we were born into rather than cover it up because we don’t accept it. I feel makeup is something we can embrace and wear, but we need to have the right way of thinking about it, rather than a shallow perception.

  3. Dear Katie,
    I am not very good at writing and was looking for someone to express my feelings in the best possible way and here I am so impressed by you. I am stealing your speech to reach out all those young girls who think and feel in order to look good and impress people the need to put on alot of makeup and contouring to make them someone they are not. I believe every since living being is beautiful in their own way and they should embrace it and feel confident with it and have self content. GOD HAS MADE US ALL BEAUTIFUL. WE ONLY NEED TO APPRECIATE HIM AND BE THANKGUL TO HIM. Thanks and Regards

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