Living In A World That Is Always Busy


A cat is a wonderful example of taking life one day at a time. Do you ever wonder how common it seems that when we ask people “How have you been?”, often the response is “I’ve been very busy”. At least, for many of the times when we have had a hectic week, a lot has been happening or because it has simply become socially accepted and almost encouraged and praised to be a busy person. It is something that has become admired for sounding productive, hard working and always on-the-go. I felt the need to write this, because I feel there is an incredible need to embrace the art of relaxation (as the ginger cat appears to show).

Relaxation is an art of living, breathing and soaking in life. Truly there are weeks where we simply are very busy and it is inescapable, and there are other times where we cause ourselves to feel busy. At the same time, time is something that is often a term loosely thrown around. The truth is there is always time. Busy has become an excuse, over exaggeration, over used and a term made to make us feel a sense of business so to speak. As a country girl at heart, I deeply felt that sense of business when I moved to the city. Everything was always moving, going and never stopping. Many strangers faces looked stressed or occupied. Where as in the country side, people took the time to say hello, good morning and have a chat.

How much work do we really achieve when we are busy? You may of heard of the words: Quality not Quantity. The term busy, actually increases the chances of feeling stress and imbalance in ones working and private life. Life requires balance and ultimately enjoyment. A schedule and lifestyle is very often something that comes from our choices and attitudes towards it. A messy wardrobe can become easily minimal and simple if we make the choice and time to clean it out.

A few years ago, I was working at a lovely cafe. Each Saturday, a co-worker would ask me “What are you getting up to this weekend?” and most of the time I would reply with “I’m just relaxing” or “I’m doing nothing”. She would look concerned and say “Just nothing?”. However, when I made the effort to ask everyone, there would always be an exhausting list of things that many people plan. It’s a simple example, but there is a wonderful enjoyment in doing nothing or just relaxing that we often overlook.

Many people believe time is always running out and money is there to make, therefore adopting a busy lifestyle is expected. Yes, we all need to survive through work, but there is always a part of me that feels the need to escape into an adventure and live, truly live life. Even just taking time to read a good book or spend an afternoon listening to music. Everything is possible, when we make the time for it. The world feels non-stop especially with the rise of technology and living a life online and offline.

The decision to live a life that is simple and enjoyable is always in our hands. Take moments to reflect what the little things you enjoy in life. The early morning sunshine, quiet moments to rest, daily walk outside or the meal you had for lunch. Living a life by putting importance on peace, relationships and inner well being is far more important than running a never ending schedule. Believe it or not, we are the choice makers in our lives. Bask in the wonderful things you enjoy, such as the hobbies one makes time for. Life needs those moments to step back, take a deep breath and pause.

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7 thoughts on “Living In A World That Is Always Busy

  1. Very true words.
    Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, from the blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, couldn´t agree with you more. Mr Midnight says that it´s a shame humans do not take more time for themselves. They should indeed, take notice of us cats, or any other animal for that matter. Sir Winston adds that people perhaps wish to feel important and successful in their lives and surrounding themselves with all sorts of action superficially calms their worries. Obviously this would be a bad move to make.
    I believe that many people sadly seem to be “lost when on their own” and within their OWN thoughts and the very idea of taking time to discover their REAL SELF perhaps appears frightening to them – afterall, all sorts of stuff could jump out of the closet.
    Meow from Mr Midnight, purr purr from Sir Winston and thank you from myself. :)

      1. “The lads” went up the wall (well nearly up the wall!) when they read that you liked their comment. Thank you and a big meow from Mr M, purr purr from Sir Winston and thank you from myself (the slave to the cats). :)

  2. We always have a choice to make ourselves free from the world and all it’s demands. It starts with validating ourselves as ‘enough’ no matter how much society expects us to do more. it’s our life to live. :)

  3. You’ve basically described busyness as something that has become mainstream in our lifestyle – I absolutely agree. I’m even guilty of been swayed by it. In part, I feel that it’s the FOMO that makes us all want to appear busy – both in the workplace and socially. But what people then fail to realize is that time on our own, doing things that are maybe not as social or active, is crucial for our own development and creativity. By giving ourselves time to be alone, and even bored, we’re allowing ourselves to be drawn towards the things that we are innately passionate about – leading to happiness. Busying ourselves is just another way to thwart our journey to find what we’re truly interested about and, ultimately, what makes us happy (I feel like I’m linking my comment to your post about happiness haha).

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