Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention

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The most beautiful things in life can’t be seen. It reminds me of an interview I watched, where they spoke to several elderly people, and asked what were some of the happiest memories in their life. No one would say money, appearances, status or materials. It’s always the relationships they had with people. The happiness that is a life time and can only be felt in your heart. That’s the kind of happiness that is long lasting. A lot of beauty is what is left for the imagination. It doesn’t reveal itself, but it unfolds over time the way each chapter of a book does. Sometimes, it doesn’t realise that it’s beautiful, like the way a tree flows in the wind, the roaming green and mountainous hills or the way a bird flies across the blue skies.

Last night, I was watching a film and at one point the words beautiful things don’t ask for attention was said, and it stayed in my mind. To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. -Thich Nhat Hanh. Sometimes it’s the things that are just there. It makes me think back to living in the country side, with the flowers in springtime and the lambs running around. The odd butterfly stopping by and the way the dew looks during wintertime, when the sun rises and it shines against the spider webs. Those are special moments that you capture inside your mind. They’re the gift of nature. Then the kind of beautiful is the one from our heart and the things God gave us.

I still remember a person who had these bright green hazel eyes and dark brown hair. The fact that she wasn’t aware of her natural beauty, was what made her more beautiful. She didn’t try to look beautiful. She was just being herself. Beauty isn’t something that says “Look at me, I’m here”. It’s something that speaks for itself. The way a smile that lights up the eyes or the fresh air in the early morning. When I was younger, I would go to the bakery with my father, and I’d often pick a ginger bread man. From that memory, every time I eat a ginger bread man, I get a feeling of warmth. I believe it’s often those small moments that sound unimportant that are the most significant.

One of my favourite times is the time when the sun is about to set. The light just seeps through the window and reflects all the dancing leaves as shadows against the walls. There’s this golden light that is just one of the simple things during the day that always makes me feel peaceful. It makes me pause for a moment to soak it in. As much as it can be lovely to share a moment to ones friends, there are moments where you want to capture it in your mind without having to share it on social media. When I hear or see the words “You look good without makeup”, there’s something about it that doesn’t sound right. When I think of the most beautiful part of people, it’s often something in their character and appearances that sets them apart.

It’s the way someone is cheeky, passionate, funny or the way they might naturally talk. The way someone laughs and their eyes sparkle or how they are an understanding and caring person. If it’s a physical aspect, it’s usually the colour of someones eyes, the way their hair sits, the way they hold themselves and their mannerisms. Perhaps the makeup may emphasise their natural beauty, but it’s not long lasting. At the end of the day it’s taken off. We’re all born into the world as a bare being and beautifully so.  The world we live in is so vastly different to the last generation. Nearly everything is documented by millions of people around the world.

Beauty cannot be defined. It’s within those moments that teach us to be patient, and just enjoy the moment. It’s the good parts of ourselves that shine through. There are many people in the world who help others, but we may never know it. They don’t feel the need to tell others. They do it out of their heart. Before I left Sydney, there was a little ginger cat who was homeless. He looked so hungry, I wish I could of taken him home. A lady came over and asked me if it was mine, and then she told me that she was feeding him everyday. It was that simple action, that made me feel she had a good heart for the well being of the cat.

Art by Monica Barengo

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention

  1. This is one of my favourite posts I have ever read. I had this thought too but I was never able to put it into words the way you did. Sometimes I look at people and think they’re so beautiful, not because they are societies definition of perfection but because they look genuine and happy. If someone radiates good and positive energy they are beautiful to me

    1. Thank you so much! It’s something that’s been on my heart for a while, and I felt the need to express it. Exactly, a positive, kind and happy soul is beautiful!

  2. Such an eloquent post, and I like the example of ‘you look good without makeup’. Agree with you on this: on one hand we don’t need to cover up our imperfections to be beautiful, but true beauty also lies within our character and personality. It unravels slowly and surely when you spend more time with each other. It’s also about getting to know each other and working with each other with our unique abilities 😊

    1. Thank you Mabel :) As you said, ‘true beauty also lies within our character and personality’, and its’ true isn’t it, some people when you just get to know them, they become more and more beautiful, or they may become more and more less attractive, as their character shines through.

  3. Thank you so much Misty! It’s something that I wanted to get off my chest for a little while, as I feel that often in our social media world, the definition of beauty can become very surface leveled or a set definition. Whereas beauty isn’t something that can be defined and most of all, it’s often something that’s felt :)

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