Being An Old Soul In A Young Body

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Growing up I loved watching old films, watching musicals, ballets, operas, listening to old Jazz and Classical music, reading English literature, talking about history, thinking about deep things, going out for long walks and staring at nature. I would describe myself as a little strange, quirky, deep, quiet and silly at the same time. I talked to a new friend recently and she mentioned that I reminded her of an old soul. Ever since I can remember, I never liked the feeling of having to try fit in. When everyone wanted to be drinking and partying, I didn’t feel like joining in. Even if it meant I was left out a lot or spent a lot of time alone.

Being an old soul sometimes means you have been through certain things that required you to mature, be responsible and be independent at a young age. It means that sometimes you’re in your own world or feel as if you’re from another era. You might enjoy old art, books and films. You might be a little peculiar, strange or feel different to those your age. I can relate to what it means to be an old soul. There is a crave for deep connections and avoiding what is trending. You might have a calm demeanour and value the company of positive, kindhearted and honest people.

One of the reasons I really disliked high school and my first time at university, were due to the feeling of being different and not fitting into the typical uni students experience. In terms of Social Media, I don’t use Facebook for socialising and have never really gripped the meaning of why people need to share certain things to hundreds of people. You might have a smaller group of friends, you don’t conform to what is popular, you’re satisfied in spending time alone, you look to learn and gain wisdom, don’t understand why people use their phones when socialising, you have strong core values, your friends may be older than you, and perhaps you might be an analytical person. The truth that is important to remember is that maturity is not defined by an age.

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7 thoughts on “Being An Old Soul In A Young Body

  1. I can relate to about half of these things, i love analyzing things… even if they aren’t meant to be, deep thoughts and conversation I treasure, social media idk why but im keen to it a typical millennial, innocent they do call me just bc i haven’t experienced certain things and im fine with it honestly…but talking on the phone is preferred more than texting, long walks are enjoyable with the right people i feel, i don’t always enjoy solitude, I do when I need to unwind but other than that its okay…i love ur post btw:)

    1. HI Nahndi, I’m glad you can relate, I’m still not very good with social media, but I mainly use it to keep in touch with those close to me. Yes, that’s just fine! Ah, I see, I guess talking on the phone is something I”m getting gradually better at! Thank you for sharing, it’s always really interesting to know others thoughts xx

  2. I could have typed that as my own… very well thought out as to what an old soul is about. I’ve been poked fun at and gotten many raised eyebrows when people discover I was never a partier in high school or college and have never socially drank. I wouldn’t change a thing about who I am. My circle of friends is incredibly small, but the few I have are my deep and meaningful connections… something not everyone can say they have. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. I’m glad you can relate. It’s definitely important to embrace what you love doing, rather than what the majority of people may prefer. That’s wonderful, it’s so important to have those friends you can have a deep connection with.

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