Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001)



Is it possible to fall in love with a film in the first 2 minutes? The drawing of a person’s face on the chin reminded me of my sister and me when we were younger. We’d draw a face on our chin and talk, while the other person tries not to laugh. I remember often losing this game. The dominos falling remind me of a simpler time when we could spend hours playing board games, cards and knuckle bones. We would spend time writing our own stories, creating with our hands and using our imagination. Going to school meant break times were filled with crafty things, trading stickers and playing games.


Some how I like it more so back then, because we seemed to look in each other’s eyes more. Even if one wanted to escape from talking, we’d try to make an effort in the end, rather than staring down at a phone screen. More on that some other time. It was one of the sweetest films I’ve seen in a long time, and Audrey Tautou was just the perfect Amelie to play it. It reminds us to do good deeds to bring a little spark into other’s lives, to remember to fill our lives with excitement and joy. It’s a reminder that our lives are just (and if not more) exciting as a film that we feel immersed in.


The film was something different and special, in that it had a story line that I’d never really wondered about, but it also felt nostalgic in some ways. It was unpredictable which made it all the more enjoyable to watch, in that you’d hope for one thing to happen, but perhaps another thing might happen. Audrey was such a wonderful Amelie, because she gave that extra charm and light that the film would of lacked without her. There were so many things happening in the film, that I feel I’ll have to watch it again some day just to notice some more little things.


It was quite lovely to see little snippets where the narrator would tell us at exactly what time what someone may be doing. He tells us what a particular person likes and dislikes, which is interesting to know every persons little quirks. A part of me could relate to Amelie in some subtle ways, such as the idea that she’s more quiet, an introvert, deep thinker, loves to watch films, imaginative, a little shy at first, likes cats, observant, likes to spend time alone and takes time to express her true feelings to someone.


One of my favourite parts of the film was the script itself, and the simplicity of the lines. Such as when she talks about liking the sound of cracking crème brûlée with a teaspoon. It’s those small things that can give us the greatest joys. The film visually has a warm tone that carries the soft sweet atmosphere throughout. The childhood box reminds us of the memories we hold from our younger days, and the important parts of our lives that give us strong feelings when we think of them. Amelie makes you want to cry, laugh and smile all at the same time!


One of my favourite scenes

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