Five Tips On Living A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


katerina-plotnikova-photography-1No one is perfect, but I really do think there are some simple tips that we can live by, in order to be a bit more eco-friendly. In the past, I worked at an organic beauty and skincare company, and I’m currently working for another organic company now. What I love about the company is that they aim to have products that use minimal packaging. It’s great to support brands that strive for a better world, are natural and ethical. I think it’s also good to make a decision to eat less meat. We live in a consumer society where we are constantly told to buy, but the best value is to buy things that are good quality and will last a long time.

1) Drink from your own reusable water bottle. Buying bottled water can really add up, and we are very blessed to walk a few steps to have water come straight out of the tap. If you have a flask for warm and hot beverages, as well as a drink bottle for cool water, you’ll never go back. They are very convenient and are easy to fill up and carry around.

2) Eat less meat and more vegetables. Eating less meat and consuming less dairy also means that you save money. It’s okay to have it from time to time, but meat is not the best for the environment.  Meat production results in a significant amount of carbon emissions. It’s easy to replace dairy milk with soy, almond, oat or coconut milk.

3) Recycle and carry your own canvas bag. I tend to bring a backpack and canvas bag, as it also saves from buying a bag at the supermarket. Recycling your cardboard, glasses and bottles is important and minimising the use of plastic bags. Recycling is a habit that you won’t even have to think about it after you just do it.

4) Go second-hand shopping and support ethical brands. Make sure to watch out for green washing, which are brands that are disguised as ethical, but really aren’t. I like to use ecostore for my laundry because they don’t have that strong and unnatural deodorant smell. If you have sensitive skin, organic products tend to be more gentle on the skin.

5) Invest in good quality items that will last a long time. Treasure the things you have. Use your technology until they’re no longer usable. Buy things that are good quality and will last, because then you practice minimising consumption. If you need to throw things away regularly, then this only encourages the amount of rubbish we create in the world.

Photography by Katerina Plotnikova

26 thoughts on “Five Tips On Living A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

  1. Thank you! I really like ecostore for my laundry, essano for body care, love your skin for lip care, Dr. Hauschka for mascara and I’ve heard good things of Trilogy and Tailor :) They’re all New Zealand brands.

  2. Really interesting issues you raised here! :) I appreciate you mentioning about the situation of green washed brands because there are so many of them, especially in the cosmetic industry. I will follow your blog as I believe you make valuable points. I am currently writing a Fashion blog in London, it would be great to have you as a connection and see your opinion on it. I am also holding a giveaway that you can enter now

    1. Thank you. I learned more about it in my marketing class, it’s common for some companies to spend money on saying they are green, but not practicing environmentally friendly actions. Thank you so much! I will check it out.

  3. I totally understand your frustration at people who don’t recycle! It is one of mine too! (That and people who bin change…I mean, thats literally throwing money away!?) Another fab way to be environmentally friendly is using Ecosia! Not sure if you have heard of it but its a search engine which uses it’s profits to plant trees! I wrote a post if your interested all about it!-

  4. I’m with you on the recycling. It’s so easy and really seems like a no-brainer. It also kills me when public places like parks or restaurants don’t have a recycling option. Seems to depend on the place.

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