When You Express Yourself Better In Writing

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There is something about writing and speaking that are different in many ways, because for some, speaking comes more naturally and for others, it can be difficult to put exactly into words how they’re feeling inside. I find that it’s easier to write down my thoughts, because they seem to flow effortlessly, whereas when I speak out loud I feel my mind pauses or can’t quite express what I’m feeling inside. There are moments like talking on the phone or having a conversation with someone, where it requires instant feedback. It’s also the interpretation that people have of the words you speak, and that sometimes there can be misunderstandings or you feel you haven’t expressed something the way you wanted to.

When it comes to writing, I feel that I can speak with my heart more and more, because I feel the words from my mind just come out. When I speak, I tend to think before I speak, and sometimes perhaps a little too carefully. A few written words can often say so much more than a conversation about something you might not feel a connection to. Writing is honest, raw and allows time for reflection.

It has taught me to be more assured and speak up in what I say, but sometimes the comments people say can touch too much on your personality. I often think that soft spoken people can be quickly assumed as shy. In a strange way, I feel like writing expresses more of my personality and opens a glimpse into who I am, because when I speak I don’t always show completely who I am to everyone. Perhaps this is common among some introverts, where we seem to have an active and adventurous mind yet on the outside it can seem that we are more quiet. It shows that things are not always what they seem on the outside.

Do you find it easier to express your thoughts through writing or is it easier for you to speak them? 

Art by Lisa Perrin

14 thoughts on “When You Express Yourself Better In Writing

  1. I definitely get a fair share of “you need to speak up” and “you need to be like x,y,z”. Frustrating. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. For me, it’s definitely writing, but I think it’s so fascinating … for instance, the difference between bloggers and youtubers is simply how they best express and organise their thoughts.

  3. Can totally relate! Pen to paper, it can just be my and my thoughts, effortlessly, continual and without objection! Loved this ❤️

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