The Art Of Writing On A Piece Of Paper

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An action I appreciate so deeply is when someone takes the time to sit down to write a letter or a card. I find that there is somewhat a lost art of writing on a piece of paper, writing a letter to a loved one or making a card for someone. I appreciate a written letter or card, because in a fast-paced, immediate world where we can easily send a message in a few seconds, a letter takes time, movement of your hands, thought processes in your mind, sitting down to think and it takes your heart to pour a part of itself onto the paper. Writing is personal and shows a part of yourself that we cannot see online, especially when online writing can only be read by a font. Our handwriting can say so much about ourselves. It’s a way of expressing oneself, that isn’t like when one is typing an email or sending an image.

I have been thinking about why I choose not to use a laptop when I’m at university, and I still am adamant to continue writing pen to paper. One reason is that writing allows you to listen to the key points, and write them down, rather than type a lot that may not be necessary. Writing allows you to put down your pen and listen with the paper on the table, without a screen that can be distracting at times. I notice it often that many students will do other things (eg. online shopping, social media, watching videos), and it distracts one from focusing on learning and absorbing information. Writing makes me think of my childhood, when I’d write stories, sketch in my book, make magazines and do my homework. It was a way of expressing one’s creativity.

The beauty of writing is flow. In a world where we are filled with distraction and multitasking, writing requires one to be focused. There is something incredibly therapeutic about writing in your journal, whether it’s the movement of the hand, the ink smoothly gliding on the paper or the feeling of allowing your thoughts to be let go onto the paper. I really believe that there is something incredibly helpful about writing down all your worries and all your gratitude. It gives a sense of clarity to read your thoughts, and it also allows you to understand yourself more. Keeping a journal can make you acknowledge those thoughts in the back of your mind, rather than allowing them to create noise. It makes you recognise your dreams and what makes you happy or sad.

Letter writing is a communication that feels like a warm embrace. It’s personal and fills you with happiness. In a time where many people convince themselves that they don’t have enough time, writing reminds us that we always have time. If we can take the time to write down lists and write down our goals, there is always time to go out there to achieve these things. Seeing someone’s writing is close to hearing their voice in person, because the thoughts come straight from their mind to their fingertips. When we type we can pause for half an hour, then continue writing the letter, but in conversation there is usually a consistent flow. Do you prefer writing on paper or typing on a laptop? What are your reasons for preferring one over the other?

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10 thoughts on “The Art Of Writing On A Piece Of Paper

  1. Nice! Yes it feels good to get a hand written card from someone, it feels… Precious. Agreed with the university notes. To be fair, it’s sometimes faster to write than type as we all create our own shorthand for words (which are sometimes symbols), that don’t translate well to typed up notes. Pen to paper also makes it easier to circle and point arrows to relevant points or to imagery on the lecture notes!

    1. Yes, definitely! precious seems like a good word, because I was thinking about how I’ve kept every letter that friends and family have written to me since I was younger to now. That’s true, thanks for your comment :)

      1. p.s. I just nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award (you are one of my favourite blogs to follow). No pressure to write one yourself though! I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your writing.

  2. I love writing love letters lol I also love writing in my journals, sometimes it gives me motivation to actually read my notes. Personally, if I write you a letter, you’re someone special to me that’s the only reason I would write to people

  3. I’m happy to hear that, I feel that too. When I’ve written things down, I’m more likely to study over them, as sometimes looking at a screen for a long period is not the same as the physical paper.

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