Why We Should Read More Books


The magic of reading is that it allows you to expand your mind, use your imagination and learn something new. It helps you gain a new perspective, go on adventures and leave your comfort zone. Reading brings emotions, thoughts, and ideas to ponder on. Books were a special part of my childhood, from the bedtime stories, trips to the library and getting lost in another world. When I was younger, there were shelves of books and magazines at home. We had many National Geographic magazines, all the way from the 1980’s, and I liked to sit on the floor and read them. On the shelves were classics from Anne Frank’s Diary, The Call of the Wild, The Little Prince, Jane Eyre, Animal Farm and The Catcher in the Rye.

During high school, I went through a stage where I read a lot of books by Jane Austen and Shakespeare. Reading teaches us the virtue of patience, empathy, loyalty, kindness, humility, courage, respect and so forth. There are characters that go through a journey that we’re invited to go along with. I’ve found reading to be really helpful in improving one’s writing, even though I’m still working on my grammar. Every author has their own style of writing, and it’s good to be exposed to different styles. Writing is therapeutic, but reading relaxes the mind. It allows you to truly stay in the present, reading each word as it comes, yet being able to completely escape into somewhere else in your imagination.

Books require us to use our imagination. It creates a quiet space, which is important to have during the day. I also find that reading before going to sleep can really help with falling asleep quicker, and also the exposure to less screen time. When I use digital technology at night time, I find my mind is more active, but when I read more at night, the mind tends to be more relaxed. We can learn something new from the characters and stories. A lot of new words I’ve picked up over the years are from reading, whether it’s from a fiction book, textbook, magazine or online article. When we read it stimulates our brain, and it also helps us to momentarily focus on something else.

I’ve found this to be very healing, as it’s helped so much in lessening my anxiety. Anxiety is created when we place too much focus on ourselves and create worry in our mind. Reading fills our mind with different stories, and we can gain more perspective on life. It’s also a great way to connect with someone if you’ve both read the same book, and you can talk about the story, ideas, and characters. The best thing about books is that there is something for everyone, because of the endless amount of genres. Have you ever felt that books tend to be more colourful in your mind, compared to when you see a movie version? Although there may be exceptions to some films, I’ve always found that the books are always more detailed and graphic in the mind. Our imagination is so powerful.

Reading helps to improve your memory and ability to focus. It requires attention in order to know what’s happening, and your memory improves as you follow along each chapter. When you read, it’s a process of focusing on the page. I find that if we use our digital devices, it’s easier to get distracted because of the different functions. However, a book just requires us to read each page to the next. Enjoying the simple joys in life is one of the ultimate reasons to read more. I still like to read picture books sometimes when I go to the bookstore or sit in the library. I don’t think you’re ever too old to read children books, or too young to read a long fiction novel if you want to. Reading is a wonderful hobby to have and it’s a great way to fill the free time during the day.

What are some of your favourite books?

16 thoughts on “Why We Should Read More Books

  1. I am more into non-fiction books and on that genre I love Big Magic by Elizabth Gilbert, just recently I gave fiction books a chance and so far I am getting into thriller, mystery kinds of books but I read on variety of things. In fiction books I love “The Girl with the dragon tattoo by Steig Larsson.

    1. Thank you for sharing with me. I’ve only read Eat, Pray, Love but loved it! I’ll have to put those on my lists to read. I’ve seen the movie for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but will definitely need to check out the book.

      1. Do you have any books recommendation? Or do you have Goodreads account? I want to know your book list because I think our interests are so similar. And you should read Big magic. You would love it.

  2. When the world of reading opened up to me when I was a preteen, I started reading everything around me from the back of cereal boxes to shampoo bottles. You’re lucky you grew up around age-appropriate books, that was something I would have to discover on my own when we moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere.

    Reading has pretty much changed my life, much like writing. So it’s difficult to relate to people who don’t read much or when I read :P that the average adult reads maybe like one book a year if that.

    I go through phases, nonfiction to fiction. Kindle has opened many new doors for me because I live abroad in a non-English speaking country. And like you, I read before bed. I turn off my phone hours before I sleep because I find getting messages SO annoying when I’m lost in a good book.

    1. I Love that! and I relate to the cereal boxes and shampoo bottles. Especially when you’re in the shower, and well, that’s the time to read the directions and ingredients (I know I did haha). I feel it may have ran in the family, as my grandfather was an English professor and loved reading, and my Uncle is an English lecturer. I’m so happy to hear you’re a fellow book lover too, and reading and writing are both connected. We’re all sharing stories.

  3. I cannot agree more! I try to keep second-hand books in my school counseling office and encourage kids to take one. There’s no need to bring it back or exchange, because I want them to feel the power of owning something so personal and coveted as a story that means something personal.

    1. Thanks for your comment, and that’s such a wonderful thing to hear. It really shows how important books are in our lives and how we can learn so much from them, share stories, reflect, learn, use our imagination, open our minds and so on…

  4. I totally resonate with what you have written. Reading is so important and with so much of digitisation, kids don’t really turn to books for company or to learn. That’s the reason we started The Wonderleaf, a hobby reading club for all age groups to come and read for an hour on every Saturday.

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