Lack of Privacy

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In the digital age, the question of privacy seems to be ever changing, as large corporations have an increasing amount of information on individuals. Reading Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier, was eye opening and makes you ask a lot of questions in regards to privacy, technology and social media. However, Social media is a tool and a platform, and it comes down to how we are using it, and what we are using it for. In a sense, surveillance is not simply the cameras on the street or in the shop, but in our daily spaces.

Direct, personalised and targeted marketing is increasing, as algorithms are able to track what we have viewed, searched, liked, shared and purchased. Someone dear to me mentioned the book 1984, which I am currently reading and find it really interesting. However, at the time it seemed unlikely that it may occur, that Big Brother would be watching a person’s every move, but it seems that it’s the reality today. On one hand, we can decide what we want to share, and on the other hand, whatever information is searched, posted and clicked online is always recorded. The sense of mystery in ones life is not as apparent.

Art by Kate Pugsley

2 thoughts on “Lack of Privacy

  1. I just got back on Twitter after years of being away from it. And this morning as my mind was filled with twitter chatter, I realized I regretted getting back on even if it was to just follow literary mags. So, I’m at a standstill with it. I might just check in once a week and change my location from the US to Thailand (so I can’t read it) so I’m not greeted with ‘what’s trending’ as soon as I open it. I mean, it’s pretty low brow stuff that gets trending…

    I was on IG regularly, posting #365daysofgratitude, but then after three yrs, I’ve been on a hiatus. It’s actually pleasant now to check in – I think because I don’t feel obligated anymore. I catch up and then I’m out. I’m hardly on it.

    As far as FB, I use it primarily for groups, wishing ppl HBD, and Messenger. I definitely don’t feel like I use it to my advantage. And when the US elections start up again, it will be deadly to be on…

  2. I understand, I feel like the online world can get very noisy. I love that! I think it makes it more meaningful when you’re using it for a purpose, and it works like a gratitude diary which is so valuable and uplifting. I’m still tempted to delete FB and IG at times, but I find even spending less time on social media is helpful, or just leaving my phone at home or turned off for a few hours. Haha, I imagine it would be.

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