Five Ways To Live More Sustainably

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Every day we have the ability to make choices in what we consume, and what businesses we support with our money. Every product has an environmental footprint, which is why it’s good to purchase items that have minimal packaging. Every person has an impact and affect on the environment, from what we choose to eat, wear, and the actions we take. It’s important to support businesses that make a conscious effort to be environmentally-friendly and look out for labels when possible. Fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world, which is why it’s increasingly important to become a conscious consumer in how, where and what we buy.

1) Bring your own reusable items. By bringing your own drink bottle, you can minimise the amount of plastic drink bottles that end up in landfills. Other reusable items include metal straw, cutlery, keep cup, tote bags.

2) Use eco-friendly products. Support local brands, and companies that use natural ingredients that are better for the environment. Buy things that are good quality, and will last a long time.

3) Walk or bike whenever possible. By driving less, you can reduce your carbon foot print, plus walking or biking to work can be a healthy way of spending time outdoors and getting more physical activity during the day.

4) Water and electricity consumption. You can conserve water by taking shorter showers, closing the tap when brushing your teeth, collect rainwater. Aim to turn off lights when you’re not present in a room.

5) Consume less meat. Take part in Meatless Mondays, or simply minimize the amount of meat in your diet. A large portion of greenhouse gas emissions are from the Animal agricultural industry.

Art by Renée Gouin

4 thoughts on “Five Ways To Live More Sustainably

  1. Agree with these tips on living sustainably. It’s not hard to bring a water bottle with water along or use less electricity and water each day. We can start by incorporating sustainable habits in our day to day lives bit by bit. The other day I was watching Weylie on YouTube, and she also mentioned fashion is also one of the biggest polluters in this world – and because of that, she started her own sustainable fashion line.

  2. Thank you Mabel. I definitely feel like sustainable habits and being conscious consumers will become more common and hopefully more encouraged as there’s more awareness and information out and about. That’s amazing, especially considering clothes are one of the most common products consumed.

  3. Took a crucial step last end of 2018 to become vegetarian. Been a vegetarian for over a year now and I do not miss eating meat. If anything I am discovering flavours and depths in sophisticated tastes I have never before. I am from Malaysia and being of Indian descent plus the local flavours from Chinese, Malay and Eurasian influences there’s something new to discover everyday…

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