The Power Of Humility And Empathy

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The greatest wisdom that I hear are often in conversations, such as the other day when my husband said to me that “Humility is not seeing yourself as above or below anyone.” We all have our insecurities and flaws. We’re only human. Perfectionism can be the death of our own sense of worth because it is an unattainable desire. The lens that we look through everyday comes from the thoughts that we have. The way that we feel comes from the way we speak to ourselves. If we look through a negative lens, then we will feel negative and see things negatively. When we see things through a balanced lens, we can see things rationally and clearly.

The thought that’s been pressing on my mind recently is the ability to have empathy. The human desire to be a better person comes from knowing that we don’t know everything and that we are learning everyday. Empathy comes from listening and putting yourself, truly putting yourself in someone’s shoes by feeling what the other person is feeling. Empathy requires us to be vulnerable and have compassion. Listening allows us to hear stories and perspectives that we wouldn’t otherwise hear. Listening opens up our heart and mind in a beautiful way so that we can have empathy for others.

Humility is the ability to say that you don’t know everything. We are life long learners. It’s the ability to say when you have made a mistake. It’s the ability to be grateful for the small things. We live in a society that places value and attention to external accomplishments. Humility, sensitivity and vulnerability are misinterpreted as a sign of weakness, when in actuality they are the greatest signs of inner strength. We need these crucial elements of existing to truly display acts of love and kindness. Love and empathy can exist when we stop looking inward, and start looking around at the world.

I love this beautiful excerpt: Humility is the understanding that we can’t go it alone. Empathy is the ability to identify with the challenges that have brought other people to where they are. Combined, these two traits invite us into authentic relationships with others, allowing collaborative energy to begin to flow. Humility keeps us open to new information, new insights, new wisdom. Empathy encourages us to unite.

I recommend reading the article The Beautiful Triad-Curiosity, Humility and Empathy here.

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

― CS Lewis

Art by Lieke van der Vorst

4 thoughts on “The Power Of Humility And Empathy

  1. Beautifully written and one of our greatest challenges of our times ~ how to create a more humble and empathetic society in a world of increasing tribalism and scarcity?

  2. I wonder which is harder to achieve, feeling empathy for others or feeling humility about the context you are in. I guess it differs from each situation. Sometimes I feel we can never truly feel empathy because as much as we put ourselves in someone’s shoes, we probably will never really understand what they are going through. We probably feel a slice of their life and the least we can do, as you mentioned, is to listen to the other person.

    Agree humility is often misinterpreted as weakness when in reality is is a sign of inner strength. Humility encourages to remind ourselves we aren’t know-it-alls and there is always something to be learned from someone or somewhere any time of the day.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mabel :) That’s a good point, it’s difficult to completely know or feel what someone has been through, as we can’t truly know how someone is feeling inside. Our individual experience is not someone else’s experience. On the other hand, it’s a choice to show care and try to understand how they might feel, which takes humility.

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