Do You Eat The Same Breakfast Everyday?

Daily Thoughts

Drinking a cup of strong black coffee on an empty stomach is a common morning routine for many people. The consumption of caffeine can have weird effects on some people. I find having caffeine can make me shaky and energetic in the short term but it can impact my sleep. A baby coffee such as a mochaccino can feel psychologically less strong than an espresso. Some people may opt for a coffee as they aren’t hungry or they might feel a bit nauseous having breakfast in the morning. However, the lack of breakfast can make me feel like a grumpy cat.

Why is it that we often have the same breakfast every day? A big part of it may be from habit or convenience. When making a trip to the supermarket I automatically go to the cereal aisle. There are some days when I add a bit of variety, such as adding fruits like bananas, frozen berries, or pears or drizzling some honey. It’s my favourite meal of the day because there’s something comforting and familiar about the ritual of making your breakfast. A lack of breakfast can cause me to feel lethargic and tired. However, after having breakfast it sets you up for the day ahead by refueling your tank.

What breakfast do you have each morning? 

Art by Fumi Koike